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If you are a patient at Albemarle Medical you can request repeat scripts and referrals online. Once your doctor receives the request it will be completed within 3 business days. Script and referrals attract a fee of $25-30 depending on the delivery method.

Please note: we are no longer able to receive requests via phone or email. All requests must be made through our website or the AMS app. 

Repeat Scripts

Online Scripts are suitable for requesting your regular medication and for medication that has been prescribed to you within the last six months. You can order multiple medications in one request.

This service cannot be used to request prescriptions for addictive medications such as opiates and medicinal cannabis. Please book a telephone consultation with your doctor if you require these medications. 

Repeat Referrals

You can use our online system to request repeat specialist referrals. 

Please do not submit requests for Mental Health Care Plans or imaging referrals through this service. Care plan and imaging referrals require either a telephone or in-person consult. 

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