Test Results

To receive your test results please book an appointment with your doctor. You can also email the practice at reception@albemarlemedical.com.au, however the doctor may ask you to book a follow up appointment if necessary.


To receive test results from Dr Jeff Jankelson, please email him at drjeff@albemarlemedical.com.au


Same Day Appointments

All of our doctors have several 'On the Day' appointments that we reserve for same day booking. If you have been unable to book an appointment prior to the day, please remember that this option is available. Please call at 8am in order to book these appointments. We also run a daily cancellation list and offer fit in appointments for triaged emergencies. 

Communicating with Your Doctor

Most medical matters are not handled well over the phone. Please be aware that the doctors may be unable to take your calls if they are in consultation with a patient. In many cases the office staff will be able to help with your inquiry.


Our email address is reception@albemarlemedical.com.au.This address is checked at least four times daily, you can expect a reply from us the next business day. To protect the confidential nature of our medical records please be aware that certain details of a clinical nature are unable to be discussed via email.










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We routinely send recall and reminder letters to patients regarding further consultation and assessment. Patients also have access to the diabetic register, cervical screening test register, bowel screening register, and childhood immunisation registers. The practice also operates a reminder system to ensure patients have access to regular health assessments and to assist in the management of chronic diseases. You may advise your doctor if you object to being included in reminder systems or registers.

Health Information Policy

Patient Information collected by the practice is accessible only by medical practitioners and will not be released to third parties without your consent. Please refer to our privacy statement for more information. 

House Calls

Home visits are a part of our care we value greatly and we are committed to providing care at home, hospitals, retirement units and nursing homes for the acutely ill, frail or infirm.

We ask you to limit requests for visits to the occasions when you are physically unable to attend. Please request visits as early in the day as possible. Please note that not all of our doctors provide home visits. 

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